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Your request has been blocked by a CORS policy?

Let's find a way to fix it. We provide tools to easily identify and fix CORS issues. Also our knowledge base explains how CORS works and how to properly configure your application.

Our tools

CORS Debugger

Identify issues with your CORS configuration.

CORS Config Generator

Generate a secure CORS configuration for your application.

Security Scanner upcoming

Scan your server for several known security issues.

Server Simulator upcoming

Test your application against our CORS simulator.

Policy Monitoring upcoming

Make sure your CORS policy is always as expected.

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Understanding CORS Preflight Requests

·3 mins
Unlock the secrets of CORS preflight requests, from understanding their triggers to resolving common issues, all in one place.

CORS issues with JavaScript's fetch()

··3 mins
Learn how to tackle CORS issues with JavaScript’s fetch function and ensure seamless data retrieval.

Configuring CORS in Flask

·3 mins
Learn how to enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in your Flask application with our comprehensive guide.

Mastering CORS

··5 mins
Learn how CORS works, understand its key components, and discover effective strategies to handle “blocked by CORS policy” errors.